Potato gnocchi and meatballs with udon at 'Ohana
Newbies at ‘Ohana: Potato gnocchi (left) and meatballs with udon


UPDATE: In a February 22nd press release, Sola owner Carol Wallack announced that the restaurant would be staying at the same location, scrapping the move to River North and the opening of ‘Ohana.

Carol Wallack is moving Sola to River North, but its island spirit is still in North Center. ‘Ohana (“family” in Hawaiian) opens this month in Sola’s former space—dressed down for comfort—with fare familiar to fans of the chef’s Hawaiian- and Asian-influenced American dishes (hanger steaks, grilled pork chops, and seared salmon). “It’s casual without sacrificing quality,” Wallack says, meaning more soups and noodles—veggie ramen, oxtail dumpling pho—and simplified takes on grown-up entrées, like pintsize hanger steaks, for the little ones. Kids today have all the luck. 3868 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-327-3868.