Hyde Parkers were happy when Tim Schau and Sam Darrigrand opened their ambitious Kenwood grocery/deli/café at 1126 East 47th Street in 2008. Finally, there was a source for up-there meats, cheeses, imported specialty foods, and fancy-pants sandwiches and coffee that didn’t involve a significant trip across town. Many were happier still when the two opened an even more convenient location on 57th Street this past fall. The new Z&H has a stool-lined coffee bar up front, with a windowed roll-up door kept open in nice weather—very come-right-in. We love the ever-evolving array of soups, particularly a lemongrassy pumpkin-sweet-corn and a silky coconut-carrot-ginger ($3 small, $4 large). Among cold sandwiches, the substantial Godfather (prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, basil; $7.25) shines, as does the Mae Wilson (roasted turkey, Cheddar, bacon, guacamole, chipotle mayo; $7.25). Among panini, the Marty (grilled eggplant, Muenster, red-pepper-and-walnut spread; $7) is our favorite so far. We also dig the Ducky, a salad topped with smoked duck ($7.50), and have trouble walking out without a chocolate rugelah ($1.25) in one hand and coffee in the other. 1323 E. 57th St.; 773-538-7372.