The 5 Best Drink-Time Diversions

Alice’s Lounge

For the Rihanna Wannabe: This endearingly trashy karaoke joint ditches the private singing rooms for a public stage where a karaoke jockey takes tune requests (ruined on a recent Saturday: “Hand in My Pocket,” “Baby Got Back,” and even opera). It’s a birthday and bachelorette party bonanza, but you knew that as soon as you saw the word “karaoke.”

Find it: 3556 W. Belmont Ave., 773-279-9382


The Globe Pub

For the Jeopardy! Junkie: On Tuesday nights, a crowd of brainiacs with clever team names (the Childbearing Hipsters had a solid showing on a recent visit) convenes in a back room at this soccer-loving spot. If you enjoy a challenge, brush up on explorers’ names and obscure films.

Find it: 1934 W. Irving Park Rd., 773-871-3757,


Guthries Tavern

For the Monopoly Maven: With a rotating list of craft beer specials for about $5 and more than 50 board games on hand, Guthries is perfect for midweek unwinding. Order from your favorite delivery place and listen to full albums of CSNY and the like.

Find it: 1300 W. Addison St., 773-477-2900,



For the 80s-at-Heart Kid: Craft beer, classic arcade games, and outgoing staff make for good vibes at this roomy beercade. And perhaps to ward off hipster takeover, the sign above the bar reads: “No Miller, No Bombs, No Bud, No Energy Drinks, No PBR, No Attitude.”

Find it: 950 W. Wolfram St., 773-665-5660,


Mary’s Attic

For the Dancing Diva: Cheap drink specials and sassy tunes flow freely at this A’ville spot. On Wednesdays, friends without hang-ups can show off their best frontman moves on a raised stage, complete with a glittering disco ball and encouragement from salacious host CeeCee LaRouge.

Find it: 5400 N. Clark St., 773-784-6969,