Bub City

Bub City might be just the thing for Lady Gaga.


Dear Lady Gaga,

Welcome back to Chicago! We know you've spent some time here recently (we're not stalking or anything, but it's hard not to notice when you breeze through Wicker Park), and we're all for it. You have a two-night show here starting February 13. We know you have plenty to keep you busy, but in case you're looking for new ways to spend your time, here some recommendations:

Based on your love of peach cobbler, you really should stop by Smoque BBQ (3800 N. Pulaski Rd.). In fact, have a whole meal there. Dining editor Penny Pollack recommends the brisket with the burnt tips.

Although the sourcing behind this claim that your favorite painting is Edward Hopper's Nighthawks  is dubious, why not visit the painting's home—the Art Institute  (111 S. Michigan Ave.), which is also opening up a monster Picasso and Chicago exhibition next month.

Need some last minute outfits? Senior editor Gina Bazer recommends Ikram (15 E. Huron St.) for your shopping needs—and viewing pleasure. “The exterior is lacquered in lipstick-red, and Lady can afford the high-end merch!”

We know you stopped by RPM Italian to say hi to the Rancics. But have you heard about the new place by the same guys who built RPM? The country restaurant Bub City just opened, and it's awesome  (if you like country music and Paul McGee cocktails).

Speaking of cocktails, you know how Delilah's is a favorite bar of yours? Us too! Check out 99 more bars you must visit while in town.

Or just text us when you get here.




Photograph: Peter Ranvestel