High-concept cocktail spots litter the city’s West Side, but this one from mixologist Alex Bachman and Yusho chef Matthias Merges stands out. Bachman charts new territory with his exotically sweet creations, which include such ingredients as quince, grenadine, and ambergris-laced palm sugar—and each of the 10 delicious cocktails on the menu uses a different spirit. Merges adds some adventurous grub, including pig ears and a decadent chicken liver spread. Tasty homemade tonics round out the program. (For drinkers who prefer less pompous potables, the bar also offers rare amari and Scotch whiskies; ask for the menu.) Consider the ambiance anti-Wrigleyville—dark lighting, a narrow layout, and largely indie rock tracks playing. With a 50-person capacity, it's on the cozier side, but if you have to wait—which rarely happens— the bar will call when space opens up.

Who’s there: Post–Lula Cafe brunchers, Esquire subscribers, tattooed cocktail lovers in the 30 to 40 age bracket

What to order: The house cocktail (malted rye, Spanish brandy, ambergris-laced palm sugar, water, North Bay bitters)