Grasshopper at the Heavy Feather, $10

grasshopper at the heavy feather
Photo: Andrew Narwocki

What's in it Cognac, crème de menthe, crème de cacao, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream
The verdict Sip. It’s like a Shamrock Shake that’s been spiked but won’t knock you down.

Want to make it yourself?

Doug Phillips of the Heavy Feather shares his recipe:

½ oz. Cognac
½ oz. Green crème de menthe
½ oz. White crème de menthe
½ oz. Dark crème de cacao
1 Big ol’ scoop (6 oz.) of vanilla ice cream

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Top with whipped cream.


Garrett’s Old Fashioned at Broken Shaker, $13

What's in it Popcorn cordial, Old Forester bourbon, Mellow Corn whiskey, cheese-fat bitters
The verdict Skip. You’ll need a shot of Malört to erase the salty tang of the bitters.

grasshopper at the heavy feather
Photo: Anna Knott

Some Days Last a Long Time at Lost Lake, $12

What's in it Scotch, sherry, coconut, lemon, absinthe
The verdict Sip. Coconut nicely mellows out the smoky Scotch and potent absinthe.


Peace Frog at GreenRiver, $19

What's in it Rhum agricole, Cynar, amontillado sherry, Batavia arrack, black trumpet mushroom, mirin
The verdict Skip. This “earthy” mess couldn’t taste any funkier if it contained handfuls of dirt.