An ultrapowerful fanning system at the top of this indoor skydiving venue’s vertical wind tunnel levitates your whole family. $70 for first-timers. Naperville and Rosemont,
Thrill Level ✸✸✸


K1 Speed

Play real-life Mario Kart and grab a cocktail under the same roof. Go-carts hit 45 mph, and built-in trackers let you prove you won by 0.2 seconds. $20 a race. Addison and Buffalo Grove,
Thrill Level ✸✸


Moirai Health and Fitness

Surfboard aerobics is a new workout, because of course. Challenge your core on a wobbly plank designed to simulate ocean turbulence. $35 a class. Northfield and Chicago,
Thrill Level


Sky High Sports

Play some hyped-up dodgeball or burn 1,000 calories an hour (seriously) in a grown-up “airobics” class at this trampoline park. $12 an hour. Niles and Naperville,
Thrill Level ✸✸