Todd Ricketts

The Ricketts Family

Photo: Scott Strazzante/Chicago Tribune

They poured millions into keeping him out. They suffered the Twitter wrath. They poured millions into getting him in. And suddenly Todd Ricketts found himself with a cabinet nod. Go, Cubs, go.



Marshall Pierce & Company

Photo: Courtesy of Marshall Pierce & Company

Remember the uproar after Ivanka’s $10,800 bracelet appeared on 60 Minutes? Jerry Bern, owner of the only independent shop in Chicago that sells Ivanka’s jewelry line, got a request for the piece right after the show aired. He’s also seen an uptick in interest in the line since the Trump campaign started.


Trump International Hotel & Tower

Trump International Hotel & Tower

Photo: Meg Theno/Chicago Tribune

Condo sales have been slow at Trump Tower in recent months, says real estate broker Chezi Rafaeli—but that’s typical in both winter and for an election year. About 8 percent of units are for sale—double the percentage in comparable buildings. Yet recently, he says, he’s received calls from interested buyers in Russia and China (hmm).


Boeing airplane


Photo: Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune

Look, nobody’s “canceling the order” to upgrade Air Force One. What’s more concerning for the Chicago-based manufacturing behemoth is that Trump continues to poke the bear with China, where a quarter of Boeing’s 737 jets were shipped in 2015.


CPD badge

Chicago Police Department

Photo: Courtesy of CPD

Trump says a stop-and-frisk policy will curb Chicago’s gun violence. Because racial profiling worked so well in New York City (not). Just what the already embattled CPD needs to build trust with residents.


Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

Photo: Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune

The governor’s head-in-the-sand strategy during the campaign might’ve earned him a short-term win: He can now cherry-pick where to align himself (see Betsy DeVos and her school choice crusade). But that might not be enough to funnel in the federal dollars Illinois needs. Because revenge. Bye, second term.


Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel

Photo: John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune

Without the help of the Clinton Express, the mayor’s only viable way forward—locally or nationally—is to pull Chicago and its morale out of disgruntled, gun-riddled quicksand. His closed-door meeting with Trump in December didn’t seem to make a dent in the Donald’s promised immigration policies.