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Homerun Ball

“This is like a cream puff filled with chocolate. Baseball was the first sport I fell in love with, and my brother and I would toss these to each other and catch them in our mouths.”


“I use this soft, fruity Japanese candy in a dessert at Jeong. The dish is a marriage of my adult and childhood flavor memories, the adult flavor being the makgeolli, a Korean fermented alcoholic drink, and my childhood one being the Hi-Chew candy.”

Wang Chang Gu

“These chips have warm baking-spice and nutty flavors and are sweet and savory at the same time. I would stick them on my fingertips and eat them off one by one.”

Choco Boy

“These are little cookies shaped like a mushroom and covered in a dense chocolate cap. I like to refrigerate them because the chocolate gets so snappy.”


“These chips taste like shrimp and seaweed. They’re small and shaped like different sea creatures, including whales, fish, and squid. As a kid, I loved picking through all the shapes before eating them.”

Jaws Ice

“This frozen treat came out after the Jaws movie and is strawberry and orange flavored. The combination of colors turns your mouth purple — and what kid doesn’t want a purple mouth?”


“Many people know Pocky, but these were my favorite because I tried this almond flavor for the first time at Lotte World, an amusement park in Korea.”

Kancho Choco Biscuit

“These are rich and creamy and have a flaky exterior. I ate so many of these as a kid.”

Choco Heim

“We used to pack this chocolate-and-hazelnut-filled snack for picnics, so I have a lot of happy memories attached to them.”