Greta Johnsen
Photo: Bill Healy

“Growing up in Alaska, I loved the idea of making things to keep warm. Now I knit even on-air during pledge drives. Recently, I started my first sweater and was overwhelmed about choosing a yarn. Knitting is such a tactile experience, so it’s important to see and squeeze before committing. While the people at yarn shops often feel impenetrable, Knit 1 is one of the first whose employees I felt could be my friends. Owner Lynn Coe and staffer Laura McDougal read my pattern and gave me a million options. When I considered a beigey brown and said, ‘Well, I don’t dislike this,’ they responded, ‘That is not sufficient! You must love it!’ They waited until I found Shepherd’s Wool in Roasted Pumpkin. I knew it was right because I wanted to bury my face in it.” 3856 N. Lincoln Ave., North Center