Chris Uphues, the artist behind Ravenswood’s Insta-omnipresent Happy Garage mural, is bringing a pop of color to the stodgy world of neckties. This month, the Groomsman Suit, a formalwear retailer in Logan Square, is debuting a new collection of ties and custom blazers featuring Uphues’s signature bug-eyed hearts, a follow-up to a limited run of three holiday-themed ties at the end of last year. “We really loved his heart artwork and how joyful it was,” says Groomsman cofounder Diana Ganz. Available on a black or white background, they drop a dose of personality into dressing up that’s cheeky without being silly. “Chris has such a great library of art and designs, so that made the design process pretty easy for us,” Groomsman cofounder Jeanne Foley says. Because the pattern is so bold (no dark swirly paisley here), the attire stands out well on a laptop screen. Your weekly family Zoom calls just got a little bit cuter.