I cleared off a table in the basement to do jigsaw puzzles. It turned out to be too small to do a 1,000-piece puzzle. So I laid down posters on the floor, white side up, to have a surface. I can’t start a puzzle without finishing it. It’s the same obsessive nature that helps me write — I have that focus putting together the pieces of songs. With puzzles, sometimes that means 16 or 17 hours of sitting and standing. I would get pretty sore. Now I have a table by Bits and Pieces with room for a 1,500-piece puzzle. It has thin drawers for sorting pieces by color. My friends Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are crazy puzzle people. I joked with Nick when I first started: ‘Do you start in the middle and work out?’ And he told me that was correct, and work clockwise. That’s puzzle humor.”