Who: Cameron Brenson
TikTok Handle: @bored_in_chicago
Followers: 184,000

How he got started: “I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and done all the classic things. I thought, Why not dive in a little bit, find some lesser-known places, and post about those?”

One of Brenson’s first posts, in 2019, had him investigating a “rustling” near a gravestone in Rosehill Cemetery — which turned out to be deer. Recently, he re-created a French vacation in Chicago, visiting Holy Name Cathedral (looks like Notre Dame) and the Art Institute (has Renoirs).

Post that went viral: A Wicker Park Walgreens with an old bank vault in the basement, which garnered 1.8 million views.

From social media to nationwide fame: Brenson’s account is so popular that Immersive Van Gogh, Gallagher Way, and Pepsi offered him money, food, and/or tickets for posts.