Blair Hull—the investment guru who made an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination for a U.S. Senate seat from Illinois in 2004—has sold a Lincoln Park house he owned but never lived in.

Hull, who is 65, had bought the house in January 2003 for $2.75 million; originally a three-flat built in 1896, the place was converted to a single residence in the early 1990s. His then fiancé, Jennifer Goodlove, moved into the place, and Hull planned to join her after their wedding (which would have been his fourth).


List price: $1.95 million
Sale price: $1.73 million

Hull and his fiancé broke up before the wedding, but he let Goodlove stay in the house. In December 2003, her 23-year-old roommate, Leigh Anne Tarbill, was found dead in the garage, felled by carbon-monoxide fumes from a faulty pool heater. A wrongful death suit brought by Tarbill’s parents resulted in a $4.4-million settlement against Hull and other parties, including a former owner who had installed a small outdoor pool, says Kevin Durkin, the Tarbills’ attorney.

Hull listed the house for sale in June 2007 for $1.95 million, 29 percent below the price he had paid in 2003. The final sale price reflects a 37 percent loss. Hull did not respond to a request for comment, and the new owners are not yet identified in public records.

Photograph: Courtesy of CMK Realty Corporation