FROM $165,000
TO $230,000

If it weren’t for the ornate terra cotta detailing on the façade and the drop-off doors for the iceman on a few rear porches, the 85-year-old building at 1549 West Sherwin Avenue might pass for new. (Witness the new wrought-iron balconies and the newly installed windows.) “It’s one of those great old buildings, but it’s ready for a new generation,” says Philip Schwartz, the Baird & Warner agent handling sales in the building, which is now called West Sherwin Place.

Most of the units were completed more than a year ago. After sales slowed, a few units were left uncompleted, giving buyers the chance to choose their own finishes. (Ikea cabinets and granite countertops are standard in the finished units.) Of the building’s 23 units, eight two-bedroom condos are still available, with their original prices cut by about 10 percent. They range in size from an 800-square-foot layout going for $165,000 to an 1,100-square-foot unit priced at $230,000. Condo owners will have to park on the street or in nearby rental spaces.

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Photograph: Todd Urban