Mango (1995–2000) was one of those restaurants that everyone liked while it was open and loved after it closed. George Guggeis, who owned Mango, is back a decade later and 40 miles to the west. Bistro One West, his converted factory space on the banks of the Fox River, will boast a similar American bistro–style, which gives his chef, Trattoria No. 10’s Doug D’Avico, room to flex some muscle. “This is my opportunity to do a little bit more,” says D’Avico, so expect dishes such as white polenta with crispy pork belly, red mole, and heirloom radishes. As Guggeis says: “I want fresh. I want clean. I want a good value.” Could this be Mango 2.0? 1 W. Illinois St., St. Charles; 630-444-0600.