A 16-room house in a new Burr Ridge subdivision


» This 16-room home, built in 2007 in a new Burr Ridge subdivision, was sold in October for 12.5 percent less than the amount its sellers owed on the mortgage. It’s one of two Burr Ridge short sales in 2010 that went for $2.4 million or more. According to Midwest Real Estate Data, only three homes in town went for a higher price, and they all sold conventionally.

Photos accompanying the listing of the house showed opulent interiors, including a study with an oversize marble fireplace, elaborate beams or plaster-and-paint patterns on the ceilings of several main rooms, and a chandelier in the master bedroom. There are four other bedrooms and a heated four-car garage. Outside is a chef’s kitchen, a stone patio with a fireplace, and a swimming pool. The house stands in a gated subdivision where the main road meanders over hills and along the edge of a very large pond, visible from the home’s second-story porch.

John Paderta and Anne Petrich bought the three-quarter-acre lot in 2005, according to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, and in 2007, the year the house was built, took out a $2.8 million mortgage from Harris Bank. Paderta was president of the Chicago-based Krahl Construction, which shut down in January 2010. I could not reach him or Petrich for comment. The sale closed in October, two months after Harris Bank had begun the foreclosure process. At presstime, the name of the buyer had not yet appeared in public records.

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Photograph: Dennis Rodkin