HERAND ABCARIAN Rectal cancer/sphincter preservation; inflammatory bowel disease; anorectal disorders; fecal incontinence. UIC. 312-413-2708

JOHN R. ANDREWS Colon and rectal cancer; anorectal disorders; laparoscopic surgery. LAKE FOREST. 847-234-4310

JOSEPH P. MULDOON Colon and rectal cancer; inflammatory bowel disease. EVANSTON. 847-570-1470

THEODORE J. SACLARIDES Rectal cancer/sphincter reconstruction; laparoscopic surgery; inflammatory bowel disease. RUSH. 312-942-6500

STEVEN J. STRYKER Colon and rectal cancer; inflammatory bowel disease; laparoscopic surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-943-5427



MICHAEL S. BEDNAR Hand and wrist surgery; hand reconstruction in quadriplegia; brachial plexus palsy. LOYOLA. 708-216-5440

RANDIPSINGH BINDRA Wrist and hand injuries; wrist surgery; pediatric hand surgery. LOYOLA. 708-216-5825

CHARLES CARROLL Carpal tunnel syndrome; Dupuytren’s contracture; elbow and shoulder surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-664-6848

MARK S. COHEN Hand, wrist, and elbow surgery. RUSH. 312-432-2346

GORDON H. DERMAN Carpal tunnel syndrome; tendon and nerve disorders surgery; repetitive motion injuries. RUSH. 312-432-9200

MARK GONZALEZ Nerve disorders surgery; wrist and hand injuries; joint replacement. UIC. 312-444-1145

GERALD D. HARRIS Reconstructive microvascular surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-337-6960

TERRY R. LIGHT Congenital anomalies in hands; pediatric hand injuries; arthritis; thumb absence. LOYOLA. 708-216-4570

DANIEL MASS Tendon and wrist surgery; shoulderand elbow reconstruction. CHICAGO. 773-834-3531

DANIEL J. NAGLE Wrist surgery; carpal tunnel syndrome; cubital tunnel syndrome. NORTHWESTERN. 312-337-6960

JAY F. POMERANCE Arthritis; reconstructive surgery; hand and wrist injuries. NCH. 847-871-5770



DOUGLAS E. ANDERSON Acoustic neuroma; brain tumors; cerebrovascular and spinal surgery. LOYOLA. 708-216-8235

ROY A. E. BAKAY Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders; epilepsy; stereotactic radiosurgery. RUSH. 312-942-6644

H. HUNT BATJER Cerebral aneurysm; arteriovenous malformations; stroke. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8143

JERRY BAUER Back pain; minimally invasive surgery; spinal surgery. LUTHERAN. 847-698-1088

FREDERICK D. BROWN Minimally invasive spinal surgery; spinal surgery; chronic pain. CHICAGO. 773-702-2123

JAMES P. CHANDLER Skull base surgery; neuro-oncology; brain tumors; spinal disorders. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8143

RICHARD G. FESSLER Spinal surgery; minimally invasive spinal surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8143

DAVID M. FRIM Pediatric neurosurgery; hydrocephalus; brain and spinal tumors and malformations. CHICAGO. 773-702-2475

MARTIN LUKEN Brain tumors; spinal surgery; Chiari deformity. INGALLS. 708-596-3344

RUSS P. NOCKELS Spinal surgery; scoliosis. LOYOLA. 708-216-8235

SZYMON S. ROSENBLATT Skull base surgery; cerebrovascular surgery. ALEXIAN. 847-981-3630

MATTHEW ROSS Cerebrovascular surgery; brain tumors. DuPAGE. 630-690-5990

JOHN R. RUGE Pediatric neurosurgery; brain tumors; hydrocephalus. LUTHERAN. 847-698-1088

TADANORI TOMITA Pediatric neurosurgery; pediatric brain tumors; hydrocephalus. CHILDREN’S. 773-880-4373



BERNARD R. BACH JR. Sports medicine; knee surgery; knee injuries/anterior cruciate ligament (ACL); shoulder surgery. RUSH. 312-243-4244

MARK BOWEN Arthroscopic surgery (knee, shoulder); knee injuries (anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), meniscus tears); rotator cuff surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-664-6848

HENRY A. FINN Hip and knee replacement; arthritis surgery; bone cancer. WEISS. 773-564-5888

STEVEN GITELIS Bone cancer; soft tissue tumors; limb sparing surgery; hip replacement. RUSH. 312-432-2397

WAYNE GOLDSTEIN Hip and knee replacement. LUTHERAN. 847-375-3000

MICHAEL H. HAAK Spinal surgery; spinal trauma; minimally invasive spinal surgery; spinal disk replacement. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-6800

GEORGE B. HOLMES JR. Foot and ankle surgery. Rush. 708-236-2775

JOSHUA J. JACOBS Hip replacement and revision; knee replacement and revision. RUSH. 312-432-2344

GREGORY P. NICHOLSON Shoulder reconstruction and replacement; rotator cuff surgery; arthroscopic surgery. RUSH. 312-432-2351

GORDON W. NUBER Shoulder reconstruction; rotator cuff surgery; cartilage damage; arthroscopic surgery (knee). NORTHWESTERN. 312-664-6848

TERRANCE D. PEABODY Soft tissue tumors; bone tumors; pediatric orthopedic cancers; limb-sparing surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-6800

MICHAEL S. PINZUR Diabetes (amputation); foot and ankle surgery; amputation surgery; Charcot foot. LOYOLA. 708-216-4993

ANTHONY A. ROMEO Shoulder reconstruction; complex shoulder problems; sports medicine; elbow surgery. RUSH. 312-432-2342

JOHN F. SARWARK Pediatric orthopedic surgery; scoliosis; spina bifida; limb lengthening. CHILDREN’S. 312-227-6190

MICHAEL F. SCHAFER Sports medicine; spinal surgery; scoliosis. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-6800

KENNETH SCHIFFMAN Rheumatoid arthritis; hand, elbow, shoulder, and wrist surgery. GOOD SAMARITAN. 630-323-6116

RICHARD S. SHERMAN Sports medicine; joint replacement; hip and knee replacement; rotator cuff surgery. HIGHLAND PARK. 847-914-9096

S. DAVID STULBERG Hip and knee replacement. NORTHWESTERN. 312-664-6848

WALTER VIRKUS Bone cancer; reconstructive limb surgery; pelvic and acetabular fractures. RUSH. 312-563-2600

RICHARD L. WIXSON Hip and knee replacement. NORTHWESTERN. 312-664-6848



BRUCE S. BAUER Cleft palate/lip; vascular birthmark; ear reconstruction/microtia; pigmented lesions. HIGHLAND PARK. 847-504-2300

VICTOR G. CIMINO Cranio-maxillofacial surgery; cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery; cosmetic face surgery; body contouring. LOYOLA. 630-953-6679

MIMIS N. COHEN Cosmetic face surgery; body contouring after weight loss; pediatric plastic surgery; breast reconstruction. UIC. 312-996-9313

MICHAEL A. EPSTEIN Reconstructive breast surgery; cosmetic breast and face surgery; rhinoplasty; liposuction and body contouring. HIGHLAND PARK. 847-205-1680

GEOFFREY C. FENNER Facial rejuvenation; cosmetic breast surgery; liposuction and body contouring. EVANSTON. 847-716-2400

JULIUS W. FEW Ethnic cosmetic surgery; facial rejuvenation; cosmetic breast surgery; liposuction and body contouring. CHICAGO. 312-202-0882

PETER D. GELDNER Rhinoplasty; cosmetic breast and face surgery; liposuction and body contouring. MASONIC. 312-981-4440

LAWRENCE J. GOTTLIEB Burn care; reconstructive plastic surgery. CHICAGO. 773-702-6302

RAYMOND V. JANEVICIUS Hand surgery; breast reconstruction. ELMHURST. 630-833-1800

RAPHAEL C. LEE Reconstructive surgery; reconstructive plastic surgery for trauma and burns; nerve injuries surgery. CHICAGO. 773-702-6302

FRANK C. MADDA Breast reconstruction; cosmetic breast and face surgery. GOOD SAMARITAN. 630-960-0023

THOMAS A. MUSTOE Cosmetic breast and face surgery; rhinoplasty; body contouring. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-6022

PRAVIN K. PATEL Plastic, craniofacial, cleft palate, and complex reconstructive surgery. CHILDREN’S. 773-327-2440

JOHN W. POLLEY Craniofacial surgery; pediatric plastic surgery; maxillofacial surgery. RUSH. 312-563-3000

ILIANA E. SWEIS Cosmetic face, breast, and body surgery; liposuction and body contouring. ST. ALEXIUS. 847-291-3200

ANTHONY P. TERRASSE Cosmetic face, breast, and body surgery; breast reconstruction; skin cancer. LAKE FOREST. 847-234-2400

ROBERT L. WALTON Nasal and breast reconstruction; cosmetic face and breast surgery. ST. JOSEPH. 312-337-7795

LAWRENCE S. ZACHARY Breast reconstruction; cosmetic breast surgery; body contouring after weight loss; hand surgery. WEISS. 773-564-6120



MICHAEL ABECASSIS Kidney and liver transplant; pancreatic and biliary surgery; liver cancer. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8900

PETER ANGELOS Thyroid and parathyroid cancer and surgery; pheochromocytoma; adrenal tumors; ethics. CHICAGO. 773-702-4429

GERARD V. ARANHA Pancreatic and biliary surgery; stomach and esophageal cancer. LOYOLA. 708-327-2391

YOLANDA T. BECKER Kidney and pancreas transplant; dialysis access. CHICAGO. 773-702-6319

ENRICO BENEDETTI Bowel, kidney, liver, and pancreas transplant. UIC. 312-996-6771

JOHN J. BREMS Liver and pancreatic cancer; liver transplant; liver disease. SHERMAN. 224-359-0100

CHARLES K. BROWN Melanoma; sarcoma. CTCA. 847-872-4561

DANIEL J. DEZIEL Hepatobiliary, pancreatic, and laparoscopic surgery. RUSH. 312-942-6500

CONSTANTINE T. FRANTZIDES Minimally invasive, laparoscopic, and bariatric surgery. ST. FRANCIS. 847-676-2200

RICHARD L. GAMELLI Burn care; trauma (critical care). LOYOLA. 708-216-4444

NORA M. HANSEN Sentinel node surgery; breast cancer (high-risk women); breast cancer risk assessment. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-1156

HOWARD L. KAUFMAN Cancer surgery; vaccine therapy; melanoma; immunotherapy. RUSH. 312-942-0600

DAVID M. MAHVI Gastrointestinal, liver, and pancreatic cancer. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-1419

JEFFREY MATTHEWS Gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancer; liver and biliary surgery. CHICAGO. 773-702-0881

J. MICHAEL MILLIS Adult and pediatric liver transplant; liver cancer and disease; pancreas transplant. CHICAGO. 773-702-6319

JOSE OBERHOLZER Diabetes; pancreas transplant; pancreatic islet cell transplant; hepatobiliary surgery. UIC. 312-996-8330

MITCHELL C. POSNER Esophageal, gastrointestinal, and pancreatic cancer. CHICAGO. 773-834-4007

RICHARD A. PRINTZ Adrenal surgery; thyroid and parathyroid surgery; pancreatic and biliary surgery; laparoscopic surgery. EVANSTON. 847-570-1700

JOHN RENZ Adult and pediatric liver transplant; transplant surgery. CHICAGO. 773-702-4500

NATHANIEL J. SOPER Laparoscopic surgery; biliary surgery; gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8918

MARK S. TALAMONTI Pancreatic and liver cancer; gastrointestinal cancer and surgery; melanoma. EVANSTON. 847-570-1700

J. RICHARD THISTLETHWAITE Kidney, liver, and pancreas transplant; pediatric transplant surgery. CHICAGO. 773-702-6104

JAMES L. WEESE Breast, gastrointestinal, liver, and pancreatic cancer. CHRIST. 708-684-4268

THOMAS R. WITT Breast cancer and disease. RUSH. 312-942-2302



JOHN C. ALEXANDER JR. Minimally invasive cardiac surgery; mitral valve surgery; arrhythmias. EVANSTON. 847-570-2868

CARL L. BACKER Pediatric cardiothoracic surgery; heart transplant; tracheal surgery; congenital heart disease in adults. CHILDREN’S. 773-880-4378

MAMDOUH BAKHOS Mitral valve surgery; minimally invasive cardiac surgery; heart and lung transplant. LOYOLA. 708-327-2503

MARK K. FERGUSON Esophageal and lung cancer; Barrett’s esophagus; minimally invasive surgery. CHICAGO. 773-702-3551

BRYAN K. FOY Heart transplant; ventricular assist device. PROVENA ST. JOSEPH. 630-324-7915

JOHN A. HOWINGTON Esophageal and lung cancer; thymoma; minimally invasive thoracic surgery. EVANSTON. 847-570-2868

MICHEL N. ILBAWI Pediatric cardiac surgery; congenital anomalies. CHRIST. 708-684-3029

VALLUVAN JEEVANANDAM Minimally invasive heart valve surgery; heart transplant; artificial heart devices. CHICAGO. 773-702-2500

ROBERT B. LOVE Heart and lung transplant; esophageal and lung cancer; heart valve surgery. LOYOLA. 708-327-2488

MALEK MASSAD Ventricular assist devices; aortic, coronary artery, and mitral valve surgery. UIC. 312-996-6215

PATRICK M. McCARTHY Heart valve and coronary artery surgery; left ventricular assist device (LVAD). NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-4965

JEFFREY SCHWARTZ Adult cardiac surgery; aortic aneurysm; heart and lung transplant. LOYOLA. 708-327-2503

WICKII VIGNESWARAN Lung transplant; thoracic cancers; mesothelioma; palmar hyperhidrosis. CHICAGO. 773-795-1267



JOHN GOLAN Varicose veins; endovascular surgery; vascular access; aortic aneurysm. EVANSTON. 847-441-2700

WILLIAM H. PEARCE Abdominal aortic aneurysm; stroke; peripheral vascular disease. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-2714

CHRISTOPHER SKELLY Endovascular surgery; renal artery stenosis; abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysm. CHICAGO. 773-702-6128

J. GORDON WRIGHT Vein disorders. GOOD SAMARITAN. 630-322-9126