Dance and Philosophy


Dancer Miguel Gutierrez translates two years of researching neurology and philosophy into movement in And Lose the Name of Action. “It’s about life and death in the family—it stems from my own life and my father’s neurological problems.” It may sound bookish, but he focuses on relationships, not academia. Museum of Contemporary Art, Jan. 31


Film and Theatre


Jack Mayer and David Brent’s Night of the Magician has all the right blockbuster elements—gore, monsters, a zombie factory town—but the University of Chicago grads have developed a new, blended genre they call a “live movie,” interweaving film with theatre, puppetry, and an original score (by fellow grad Jenn Romero). Chopin Theatre, Jan. 24 to Feb. 17


Jazz and Chamber Music


“We’ve ripped traditional chamber music apart,” says Josh Rubin, the clarinetist who founded the music collective International Contemporary Ensemble. Eight ICE members will weave Franz Schubert’s Octet in F Major into two austere free-jazz pieces by the composer and trombonist George Lewis. Chicago Cultural Center, Jan. 6


Photography: (Miguel Gutierrez) Ian Douglas; (zombie) Scott Garfield