Martin Morrow

With candor and wit, this native of Birmingham, Alabama, pokes fun at such topics as Christian rap and racial stereotypes.
Joke: “I don’t say I’m uncircumcised, just that my penis is still wearing a hoodie for Trayvon.”

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Kristen Toomey

“She talks about motherhood and getting older, and it feels like you’re watching a sitcom that is waiting in the wings.”
Joke: “I tell my husband I’m going to the gym, and then I just drive around in my yoga pants and smoke cigarettes.”

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Tommy McNamara

“He’s instantly lovable, and he uses the perfect amount of false bravado.”
Joke: “I think porn should have specific age restrictions like regular movies do. I’m 24, and I wish most of the porn I’ve seen was PG-26.”

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Trey Brown

“His comedy is wholly unique. It’s the perfect combination of smart and silly.”
Joke: “I went to a slumber party—for our Spanish-speaking friends, a siesta fiesta.”

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Alex Kumin

“Alex talks with unapologetic honesty about everything from surviving cancer to her adolescent troubles with unibrows.”
Joke: “I’m Arab, but I grew up in a really white suburb of Boston, which meant I was the only one of my friends growing the facial hair of a young Latino boy.”