“I discovered Kelli DePaolis on Instagram one night and crushed hard. She’s known for her scripted murals at spots like Yoga 2.0 and Bandit, but I love her avant-garde fashion illustrations, which to me represent attainable luxury: She draws inspiration from high-end designers but uses paint markers to whip up iconic images like skulls and roses. I invited her to coffee, having an idea for her to create a mural for a pop-up store for my client Amsale [pictured above]. She was collaborative and easygoing. Now Kelli is my go-to artist. Recently, I called her to sketch a gift for an engagement dinner I was attending that night. Twelve hours later, she delivered a portrait in a matte frame of the couple on vacation.” Murals from $1,500; sketches from $150 an hour. shophautemod.com