I want something that will help me sleep — or at least not keep me awake!

Try Cresco’s Remedi CBN Sleep Capsules ($50 for 10). Take one at night — each contains a generous 7.5 milligrams of cannabinol (CBN), the main sedative component in cannabis. Or, if you enjoy a snack before bedtime, break off a square of Cresco’s Kiva THC Chocolate Bar ($30 for a 100-milligram bar). A serving contains just five milligrams of THC, enough for an enjoyably mild and mellow high that can segue to a natural sleep.

I’m a high-strung worrier and want to unwind.

Because CBD is thought to cut the psychoactivity of THC, “one-to-one” edibles (containing an even balance of the two compounds) are ideal for you. A 10-milligram serving of Verano’s Harmony 1:1 Chocolates ($35 for 100 milligrams) will deliver a gentle lift and body buzz without paranoia or racing thoughts. Do your tastes skew more fruity than chocolaty? Try Mindy’s 1:1 Wild Cherry Gummies ($30 for a package of 10) from local chef and confectioner Mindy Segal.

I’m a people person and want to keep the conversation flowing.

When you’re high, there’s a fine line between chatty and chatterbox. Cresco’s Kiva Espresso Dark Chocolate Terra Bites ($30 for 20) tread that line perfectly, delivering a dainty hit of caffeine and a just-big-enough amount of THC. Want to settle into the sofa and get deep with someone? Up the dose with one of Grassroots’ 10-milligram Wana Sour Gummies ($30 for 10), which, like the Terra Bites, have the advantage of tasting really good.

My ideal Saturday night? A stack of jazz LPs and a pair of headphones.

May we suggest Progressive Treatment Solutions’ Tonic ($25 for a 12-ounce bottle). Mix a shot of it with soda and ice, sit back, and sip your way through both sides of The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady. Or perhaps you’re in more of a “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” mood? Roll some of Grassroots’ MAC ($60 for 3.5 grams of flower) into a joint and enjoy a smooth ride.

I want the equivalent of a couple of glasses of Pinot on a school night.

Indica-dominant strains like Grassroots’ Dead Cherries ($60 for 3.5 grams of flower) or Cresco’s Reserva Privada ($60 for 3.5 grams of flower) tend to produce the closest approximation to the warm-blooded, mind-relaxing sensations of a red wine buzz — with a little bit more of a heady punch.

I’m a type A personality and want to have fun but not lose control.

One of Cresco’s most popular products is its Remedi 1:1 Harlequin Vape Cartridge Oil ($65 for 500 milligrams), which balances the sharp-edged, energizing effects of a sativa strain with the relaxing properties of CBD. If more edge is the last thing you need, go with an indica-dominant hybrid like Green Thumb Industries’ Rythm Orange Herijuana ($60 for 3.5 grams of flower); it boasts a two-to-three CBD-to-THC ratio that will stimulate both head and body but not make you too loopy.

I’m an artsy type and want to experiment with creating while stoned.

The easy delivery and near-instantaneous effects of vaping can provide a jolt of creativity just when you need it. For novices, budtenders recommend pleasantly fruit-flavored vape products like Cresco’s Island Sweet Skunk Liquid Live Resin Cartridge ($70 for 500 milligrams). Enthusiasts also praise the clearheaded, stimulating high of Aeriz’s Jack Herer Live Sauce Cartridge ($70 for half a gram), which takes its name from a dearly departed marijuana activist.

I’m a seasoned stoner, looking for a serious high.

Go for a high-potency concentrate like Cresco’s Lime Skunk Live Sauce ($65 for a gram), a citrusy-smelling goo made from fresh flash-frozen cannabis and clocking in at 64 percent THC. Not strong enough for you? Consider Progressive Treatment Solutions’ Bruce Banner Wax ($50 for a gram), which contains a whopping 79 percent THC and delivers a high that comes on fast and lasts a long time.