“Multidisciplinary artist Jas Petersen had a show a few years ago, and I bought a piece for about $5,000. She called it Last Night I Hung Out With the Moon. (She Told Me About the Sun. I Told Her About You.). It felt true to my soul. Later, she and I met at Soho House and instantly connected. Jas told me that when she first saw me at the show, she had envisioned me owning that painting. Since then, I had her do a custom job on a leather vest — it’s two girls’ faces and says ‘Riots Not Diets.’ Her work is energetic and lighthearted with an airy mood. The painting sits above my bed like a dream catcher. My hours are insane for work, and it’s beautiful to be able to see something every day that brings calm and ease. jaspetersen.com