For Taking Flawless Notes

Martha Mae

The goal Get back to simple practices, like putting good old-fashioned pen to paper, to create a sense of calm and purpose.
The goods Ordinary items with a sophisticated twist. Check off that to-do list with metal writing pads from Paris, double-ended colored pencils, gold-edged memo pads, and fountain pens that move like butter.

For Creating Background Envy

Kristi Kohut Studio

The goal Channel creative energy into your space with sophisticated wall art. More important, give yourself a reason to keep your camera on during Zooms.
The goods Kohut, who lives in Libertyville, plays with bold colors, shiny crystalline elements, and mixed media. Her new special-edition embellished prints are bathed in cut-glass glitter and call for attention.

For Setting Boundaries

Velvet Goldmine

2001 W. Division St., Ukrainian Village

The goal Separate your home and work life by setting up a dedicated office space. (In other words: Stop squatting on your couch.)
The goods Functional and striking midcentury modern furniture and accessories. While desks are often sold out (a recent walnut stunner with brass pulls was gone in a day ), you might get lucky. More commonly found: lacquered metal lamps, starburst wall clocks, and repurposed bookcases.

For Breathing Life Into Your Space


1013 W. Webster Ave., Lincoln Park

The goal Look forward to hunkering down for the day because you are surrounded by objects that are interesting and beautiful.
The goods A curated selection of office supplies imported from around the world. Mundane tasks become more bearable with multicolored sticky notes from Korea, brass bookmarks from France, and erasers from Japan that are so squishy they can double as stress balls.