Datrianna Meeks
Datrianna Meeks Photograph: Kristine Condon

Are there other cannabinoids besides THC?

Yes, there are many. While THC is the best-known, others like THCV, CBG, CBN, and, of course, CBD, deliver different effects.

You can find CBD almost anywhere these days — even the Hudson News kiosks at O’Hare. It is nonintoxicating, counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC, and is said to reduce anxiety. THCV causes clearheaded, balanced highs without the munchies, making it ideal if you don’t want to raid the pantry after every smoke.

THC and CBD begin as CBG. If you let your cannabis age, the THC turns into CBN, reducing the potency. Early research suggests CBG can help with inflammation and anxiety, and CBN has been touted as a sleep aid, but with mixed feedback.

I advise pairing some of these so you can experience the “entourage effect” — the synergy that occurs when they are consumed together — or buying full-spectrum products.

Datrianna Meeks is a cannabis writer and educator.

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