All-Access Aldermen City Council meetings are open to the public, but what are those 50 ward bosses doing when not voting on zoning changes? Go behind the scenes with closed-circuit footage of them approving block parties, smiling at picnics, and shaking down Burger Kings. Subscription includes a monthly waived parking ticket.

LivePass With multiple cameras at each Chicago Skyway tollbooth, viewers can toggle between frustrated drivers calling the I-Pass 800 number and frantically waving their transponders, and those laying on their horns at them. Subscription includes historical footage of vehicles crashing through gates.

Chicago+ You’ve seen the drama of Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D., but get ready for a new selection of heart-pounding intensity with Chicago Department of Water Management and Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation. Subscription includes the thrilling virtual reality experience of piloting a street sweeper around illegally parked cars.

ImprovCentral Can’t make it to your coworker’s 10-minute standup set at 1 a.m.? Let her know you’ll be watching from your couch with this round-the-clock coverage of up-and-coming comedians who just finished their introduction to improv class. Subscription requires a two-drink minimum.