Love Is in the Air
Lacking a picnic partner this summer? Despair not: We’ve found 20 bright, successful, attractive men and women who still have room on their blankets. Also: We suggest some great places to meet singles now.

Do Big Breasts Make a Difference?
by Ms. Doe
She never grew, and over the years her flat chest gave her a profound sense of inadequacy. Finally, when she was 27, she got implants. Now she has a silhouette with curves and no second thoughts.

Looking for Ms. Potato Head
by Shane Tritsch
It has always been tough to find the right woman. Now, for bachelors of a certain age, demographic trends are making even harder.

The New Face of the Law
by Steve Rhodes
Patrick Fitzgerald, the U.S. attorney here, has shaken up the local political establishment with a string of headline-grabbing indictments. Could this be the end of “the Chicago way”?

Right on ‘Cue
by Dennis Ray Wheaton with Joanne Trestrail
The jawbone’s connected to the rib bone: our definitive roundup of Chicago-area barbecue joints.

Enemy of the State
by Bryan Smith
Paul Ciolino is Central Casting’s prototype of a tough-talking private eye. But his real starring role has been to help reverse some of Illinois’s worst wrongful convictions.




Max Allan Collins’s Road to Perdition; the Kamasutra, revisited; trouble in boy-band land; the new American Snobbery; more

Style Sheet
by Stacy Wallace-Albert
Shine on-and test your metal with accessories radiant in silver and gold.

Arts Beat
The Noble Fool works hard to keep the comedy coming downtown; Theater on the Lake ventures into deeper dramatic waters; and the Stones go on high alert ticketwise.

by Jessica Steinberg
A Chicago native immigrated to Israel in search of a better life-finding instead insecurity and tragic loss.

by Eric Klinenberg
A new book examines the devastating July 1995 heat wave that killed more than 700 Chicagoans.

Real Lives
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
She found a loft for Tommy Lee Jones, a townhouse for Teri Hatcher. Susan Miner helps stars, executives, and athletes settle in.

Deal Estate
by Dennis Rodkin
A spacious home for five in Lincoln Park; a retreat in woodsy Long Grove; and entry-level home prices in Chicago’s hot neighborhoods

by Sarah Preston
Trailing ‘NSync; a peek inside Circus’s Bedroom; lapping it up at Spoon; more

The Closer
by Jeff Ruby
The Cubs and Sox will do almost anything to fill their ballparks. Luckily, these promotions stayed in the dugout.

Chicago Guides

Prime Time
In July: The evocative CD Down from the Mountain was an unexpected hit, moving the original recording artists to hit the concert circuit. This month, they’ll gather at the United Center.

Trend: Fortunato’s prosciutto starter leads off a value-packed menu.
On Wine: Do not scoff at pink-Marc Dornan picks a respectable dry rose for your summer barbecue.