The Mystery of Mayor Daley, by Shane Tritsch
During his 15 years in office, he has restored Chicago’s reputation as The City That Works. So why does the popular and powerful Richard M. Daley jeopardize his legacy by permitting scandal after scandal to unfold during his watch?

Sex, Chimps & Videotape, by Marcia Froelke Coburn
In her studies of chimpanzees, Elizabeth Vinson Lonsdorf has found that females learn early while males are too busy goofing off to pay attention. Sound familiar?

Malpractice Math: 1 Dead Newborn + 1 Missed Bloodtest = $30 Million, by Bryan Smith
Physicians say enormous jury verdicts are making it too expensive to practice in Illinois. Others say no price is too high for a human life. Here’s the inside story of one mega-judgement in the case of a boy who lived just 16 days.

Three Good Ideas, by Michael Austin
Feel-good concepts to add color and culture to the city: Sell books and show movies along the river; brighten up those boring beige buildings. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

In Bed with Hollywood, by Eric Spitznagel
By the mid-nineties, Adam McKay had made a name for himself as a subversive Chicago comic. But when he moved on to Saturday Night Live, fans thought he had lost his bite. Will the outlaw be back when his first movie opens this summer?

Red Hot, by Rebecca Cutler
From a buff Chicago Bears linebacker to an easy-on-the-eyes ophthalmologist, this year’s gathering of the city’s most eligible really turns up the heat. Plus: Chicago’s own reality TV stars dish on loving (and losing) in the limelight.




Pro golfer Luke Donald tees it up at home; local author Robert Kurson plumbs the depths of wreck diving; a new emporium for scrapbooking fans; adventures in DIY capitalism; a new novel from Waukegan’s own Ward Just; Chicago composer Lita Grier; riding the rails with a roller-coaster marathoner, plus ten scream machines in the Midwest; more

Style Sheet, by Stacy Wallace-Albert
Make a bold statement in black and white-opposites attract in must-have accessories for fashion and home.

How We Spend | The Bronze Age, by Clare La Plante
Can’t stand the pasty look? You’re not alone. Everyone from sun worshippers to pale people is turning to quicker, safer, yet more expensive alternatives to traditional tanning. Also: Rushing to purchase a home before interest rates rise? Our expert offers a few tips.

Business | A Home Team, by Robert Reed
As the Chicago area tries to recover from the steady loss of corporate headquarters, the private investment firm Madison Dearborn Partners has become a rarity in this town-a successful company that plans to stay.

Media | Air War, by Steve Rhodes
With regulators cracking down on indecency on the airwaves, shock jock Mancow Muller is firing back, suing the Southwest Side man who has been waging a four-year crusade against him.

Reporter | A Tragedy’s Echo, by Sarah Downey
For decades, Ann McGowan, an Irish emigrant who settled in Chicago, refused to talk about her ill-fated voyage on the Titanic. McGowan died in 1990, but now her tale finally rises from out of the murky past.

Deal Estate, by Dennis Rodkin
Lake Forrest comes to the southwest suburbs-plus house and condo news from the North Shore, Lincoln Square, and the Near West Side.

Nightspotting, by Sarah Preston
Thirsty McCarthy’s, Lincoln Park’s posh new pub, stocks 80 beers from around the world and gourmet eats to match. And late-night dining is the new nightlife. Here’s a look at what’s to come.

The Closer, by Jeff Ruby
We love a parade as much as anyone, but Chicago has more than anyone really needs.

On the Town


Prime Time
During July: This summer’s Chicago Outdoor Film Festival begins with critics Ebert and Roeper sharing anecdotes with the audience.

Food & Drink

Dining Out | Euro Stars, by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Praga draws a crowd in Lombard, while Papillon gets neglected in Skokie-but both bring Old World charm and confident Euro-stylings to their respective dining rooms.

On Wine, by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Three affordable selections from the sunny, summery world of dry roses.

The city’s definitive guide| This month: New listings include Pho Xe Tang and Tweet; more

Short Takes
Budget Beat| It doesn’t get much more authentic than Devon Avenue’s Afghan Restaurant.
Opening| A successful restaurant team takes a crack at Lincoln Square.
Hubbard Happenings| A pair of nocturnal spots raise the temperature on what is already River North’s hottest dining street.
Street Beat| Beyond Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’: Chicago’s best doughnuts
Coming Soon| Vie, in Western Springs, is chef Paul Virant’s coming-out party.