Whole Foods

The many virtues of the hulking Whole Foods in the Weed Street District have been described and celebrated—a smokehouse! A craft beer bar! A music venue, for crying out loud! But it’s the little things that have us excited about the new store. Like aisles and aisles of the kind of organic food products that WF is known for: Alden’s organic ice cream, Uniekaas Robusto Gouda, and Annie’s Homegrown organic snack mix bunnies, plus all kinds of stuff from local purveyors such as Swirlz Cupcakes and pasta sauces from Club Lucky. A six-foot replica of the Water Tower in the produce department is all fine and dandy, but we’re here to shop, thank you very much. 1550 N. Kingsbury St.; 312-587-0648.


Photography: Courtesy of Whole Foods