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Sex & Love
Edited by Shane Tritsch
An under-covers investigation of our frisky town, with people, adventures, and temptations galore!


Bedroom Confessions
by Sarah Preston Gorenstein
A busy Lothario, a suburban mom, a gay party boy, and other Chicagoans share the intimate details of their sex lives. Plus: The stats on sex in this city

Erogenous Zones
by Dennis Rodkin
Some 40 libidinous landmarks from Chicago’s lusty past

Stimulus Package
Ideas to set the mood for romance: seductive bars, music to mash by, adult toys, more

Carnival of Desire
Exploring the role sex plays in the lives of some Chicagoans, from a woman practicing abstinence to a swinger couple teaching others the ways of “the lifestyle”

The Big Party
by Bryan Smith
After kick-starting the sexual revolution with Playboy, Hugh Hefner hosted a decade-long frolic at his Chicago mansion—until the decadent seventies put an end to all that.

The Adventures Of Supermen And Wonderwomen
by Noah Isackson, Nora O’Donnell, and Jennifer Wehunt
Unlike most superheroes, our top 20 singles don’t need alter egos. We think their real-life personas are pretty extraordinary.




A sales tax seminar; ex–print journos on the Web ARTS & CULTURE The 15-year-old wunderkind Conrad Tao returns to Chicago; from Pat to—the North Shore? SNL vet Julia Sweeney moves to town; The Blip looks skyward; a guide to the burgeoning West Side; four musical insiders handicap the summer music calendar; just in time for Johnny Depp’s new flick, a primer on the real life of John Dillinger. Plus: Five best bets at Pitchfork’s Music Fest STYLE A summer party with a quirky “Taste of Chicago” theme offers a lesson in how to plan an impromptu fete. Plus: Neapolitan Men and Sales Check

Awesome gluten-free fried chicken in the West Loop; a two-pound pretzel at Wrigley Field; the hottest spots anywhere

by Kate Schwartz Seamons
A River North club plugs in; plus, five dude-friendly drinks

by Jennifer Wehunt
The food desert—where access to fresh food is scarce—sprawls across Chicago, with a knot of problems in tow.

Deal Estate®
by Dennis Rodkin
An Apprentice’s Gold Coast row house, an Obamaland Tudor, mortgages “under water,” and condo news

Outer Drive
by Jeff Ruby
It’s hard to distinguish most Chicago sports stars from cardboard cutouts these days. Welcome to town, Jay Cutler.

Chicago Guide®
Big finds for bookworms, cinematic splendor in the grass, and more summer picks

Eve enters the listings at two and a half stars; Custom House loses a star.


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