Andrew Mason album mock-up

Photo: Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune

Andrew Mason, who was fired as Groupon’s CEO earlier this year, recently announced that he has recorded a seven-song album of “motivational business music.” If the 32-year-old is serious—you may recall that he’s a bit of a jokester—the new album, Hardly Workin’, could be a sleeper hit. Chicago got hold of an advance copy.* Here’s a sneak peek of the track list.

1. The Stock Price Plunge Blues

2. I’d Be the First Person to Fire Myself (Dance Remix)

3. Hey, G-Dog, I Won’t Take a Dime Below Six Bajillion

4. Just Kidding—You’re Fired Today! (the More Time with My Family Song)

5. Santa Needs a Downward Dog, Oh Yes, He Does (the Undies Song)

6. Lighten Up, Tibet! It’s a Friggin’ Super Bowl Ad!

7. Lookin’ for a Good Fat Camp (the Groupon 40 Song)

*Actually, we didn’t.