She’s for the people.

Clinton rallied to keep her friends together senior year when administrators transferred half of her class from Maine East High School to the newly built Maine South. She didn’t succeed, but not for lack of trying, says fellow student council member Judy Osgood: “Hillary was good at talking to adults.”

She plays tough.

Friend Betsy Ebeling remembers baseball games in the street with their neighbors, who were mostly boys. “She learned to talk that talk.” Clinton’s prom date challenged her to ride his skateboard down a spiraling hospital driveway. She did. (Though not in formalwear.)

She’s a little vain.

Kathy Burgess, who sat next to her in homeroom, says Clinton was embarrassed to wear glasses, and remembers her ditching them at points during the student council campaign. It worked (she won a seat), but not without some challenges: “We’d have to tell her who was coming up to talk to her.”