The Inn Crowd
Summer’s here and the time is right for exploring the Midwest – so we crossed seven states and three Great Lakes to find more than two dozen places for you to stay and play.

The Don
by Carol Felsenthal
Donald Rumsfeld (New Trier ’50) is serving his second stint as Secretary of Defense, but is there any reason to think he will stop there?

by Robert Kurson
The world knew Robert Earl Hughes of Fishhook, Illinois, at 1,041 pounds, as the largest man on earth. He was also literate and friendly – and wanted nothing more than to see the world.

Enter Laughing
by Penelope Mesic
When her new play opens at the Goodman Theatre, Rebecca Gilman expects to hear more than applause.

Another Native Son
by Richard Cahan
Richard Wright’s 1940 novel created quite a commotion – but so had the brutal 1938 Chicago murder case on which, it turns out, he had based part of its plot.

Paris Match
by Christine Newman
In 1998, when Kimberly Van Kampen bought this 19th-century Gold Coast row house, it was an empty shell. Now restored, part of it looks back to the grandeur of French salons, but the four boys who live here with their mother have modern, minimalist floors of their own.




The wedding band to beat all wedding bands; Naperville’s best-selling romance writer; med students’ cadaver grief; more

Style Sheet
by Stacy Wallace-Albert
Divine denim handbags, a new bloom book, a honey of a spa

Real Lives
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
The end of the adulterous affair between developer J. Paul Beitler and lawyer Suzanne de Rath is a gloves-off legal slugfest.

Consumer Retorts
by Terry Sullivan
Sumo wrestling: the new morale booster (if you can stomach it)

Deal Estate
by Dennis Rodkin
Beach Boy Brian Wilson sells his St. Charles home, while in Chicago a high-end high-rise plans to provide amenities galore.

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
Carmen Roman, a force of her own, stars in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Wit at the Goodman.

by Robert Sharoff
Tim Samuelson is an architectural preservationist, a walking encyclopedia of Chicago building history and lore. But that’s not all: He’s also an expert on gadgets such as the Veg-O-Matic.

Dining Out
by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Two new spots may be French-influenced, but they’re American at heart – so we give them that au courant tag: American bistros..

Expert Witness
by Carrie Sager
Skydive Chicago instructor Rook Nelson will get you to the ground in one safe piece. Just don’t ask him to drive you anywhere.

Chicago Guides

Prime Time

In June
Michael Flatley at the United Center, Willie Nelson at the Petrillo Music Shell, and outsider art in the Far Out Show at Judy A. Saslow Gallery.


Real Chicago
Café Selmarie is  known for baked goods, but the pan-seared tilapia is another point of entry.

Hot Dog
Introducing Hot Doug’s, a cartoonish encased-meat emporium.