Rooms at the Top
by Robert Sharoff
With the backing of some of the city’s top developers, the architect Lucien Lagrange is reinventing the classic luxury of an earlier age with elegant high-end apartments. Only the critics aren’t buying into his rarefied vision of how the moneyed elite should live.

Women Behaving Badly
by Eric Spitznagel
After making it big on Chicago’s improv scene, shock comics Julia Wolov and Dana Goodman are putting the moves on L.A.

Blood Feud
by Gene O’Shea
Horse trader Silas Jayne was a dangerous bully whose violent rivalry with his brother ended in murder some 30 years ago. This spring, in a courtroom, Silas’s possible role in one of Chicago’s most gruesome crimes may come to light.

Day Breaks
We suggest great day trips within two hours of Chicago, including shopping sprees, dune walks, and small-town tours. Plus expert advice on biking, scuba diving, prairie walks, and canoeing.

Out of This World
by Christine Newman
From their travels across continents, these two professional road warriors bring back objects of desire.




The gallery scene’s “It” girl; a British invader aims to outluxe the East Bank Club; an ex-Beatle visits; more

Style Sheet
by Stacy Wallace-Albert
Second time around-old objects made new by inspired recycling

Real Lives
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Tim Kazurinsky’s double whammy-first came the complications following an operation, then the malpractice suit that he says was never filed.

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
Byrne Piven taught generations of actors so much. In the end, they returned to give him a grand farewell.

Deal Estate
by Dennis Rodkin
Philanthropists go for a new city sales record, suburban Riverside breaks the $1-million barrier, and Reinsdorf rehabs – though not Comiskey Park.

by Rebecca Cutler
Tying the knot made easy-plan an unforgettable event with this wedding resource guide for a range of bottom lines.

by Robert Kurson
During the Second World War, a Chicago airman led a brief mutiny aboard a B-25. Now he finally tells his story.

Dining Out
by Dennis Ray Wheaton
A Harbor Country getaway doesn’t preclude good dining-not if two modern American spots have anything to say.

Expert Witness
by Geoffrey Johnson
Fathers seeking to take their game up a notch could do worse than to ask Cubs coach Sandy Alomar for advice.

Chicago Guides

Prime Time
In June: Alas, the revels now are ending for Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s magical production of the Bard’s last play, The Tempest, heading into the homestretch at Navy Pier.

Opening: Chicken with cherry tomato vinaigrette kicks things off for West Town Tavern.
On Wine: Marc Dornan gets sweet with one of his favorite bottles of moscato d’Asti.