During a routine stroll down Clark Street, you notice something strange: Your go-to frozen-yogurt stand has turned into a travel agency. But how can this be? Intrigued by the sudden change, you pop in for a little PI work. As you open the door, a gentle whoosh blows your hair back like a wind machine in a music video, and a heavenly chorus (or is that Foreigner?) fills the air. An elderly woman greets you with a gummy laugh. Before you can ask about your beloved dessert spot, she thrusts a dog-eared brochure in your face and rasps, “This is the key to your best summer ever!” The cover of the pamphlet reads, simply, Chicago. You respond, I’m sorry, ma’am, isn’t this supposed to be a travel agency? “You kids think you know so much with your Orbitzes and exotic vacations,” she snorts, then leans forward and whispers, “but the greatest adventures happen here—in and around the best city in America.” But it’s just street fests and— A meaty palm connects with your face as your fiery fairy godmother shouts: “Don’t be a fool! Everything you could possibly want is in the brochure! All you have to do is . . . choose.

If you’re ready to embark on . . .


A Cultural Marathon
Arts & Culture


A Kid-Friendly Mission
Family Fun


A Pampered Pursuit
Luxury & Pampering


A Foodie Escapade
Restaurants & Food


A Scientific Quest
Science Fun


An Athletic Endeavor
Sports & Recreation