Photo: Anna Knott

Homeslice’s roasted chicken and sun-dried tomato pizza

Deep-dish will never go extinct. You gotta feed the tourists! For the rest of Chicago's pizza-eating public, plenty of new spots are shaking up the scene. It's hard to say whether any of these could contend for the best pizza in Chicago, but each one serves a pretty nice slice. How's a red-blooded Chicagoan to feel? Hungry, hopefully.

Flour & Stone

At Streeterville’s mod two-story Flour & Stone (355 E. Ohio St., 312-822-8998), Brooklyn-style pizzas are hand-tossed for a satisfyingly chewy result. Try the Sicilian, topped with an oil- and garlic-based white-sauce, disks of salty bacon, onion, and crushed red pepper. Turns out thirteen-inch pies are an awkward size (too big for one, but a bit skimpy for sharing): Enter the ultra-fresh chopped salad, chock-full of flavor and crunch thanks to toasted pistachios and chunks of apple.

Pizza House

With the recent influx of Neapolitan-style pies, it's likely you've forgotten about pizzas that take more than 15 seconds to cook. By the time the friendly folks at Bucktown’s Pizza House 1647 (1647 W. Cortland St., 773-252-3500) bake up their dense crust of cornmeal and whole wheat (for a whopping 35 minutes!), you're guaranteed to be starving. These slices won’t change your life, but darned if this isn’t the most welcoming new neighborhood joint around.


At Lincoln Park’s permanently packed Homeslice (938 W. Webster Ave., 312-789-4600), two Oregonians re-create the crunchy brick-oven pizza they grew up (above). The place is a mix of a sports bar and log cabin, the menu is dauntingly vast and the pizzas are goofily named (try to not feel ridiculous ordering the Party Boi or the Kern-Holio). But the toppings are abundant and fresh and the craft beer is frosty. A ten-inch small ($7 to $12) should easily sate you. Of the three new spots, Homeslice is where you'll get the most bang for your pizza buck.