Across a patchwork of plots, mostly in Albany Park, the 131 families (from countries such as Myanmar, Bhutan, and Laos) participating in the Global Garden Refugee Training Farm grow a taste of home. Some sell their bounty at the Horner Park Farmers Market (2741 W. Montrose Ave., Saturdays from June 3 to October 14), making it a great spot for hard-to-find herbs, greens, and fruits. Here’s some of the produce you might see, with a few ideas for putting it to use.

Bitter melon

Toss thin slices of this sharp-tasting fruit in with your next stir-fry.


A spinach-like green that’s ideal as a sautéed side dish.


Pickle this crunchy, mild-tasting radish, or use it raw in salads.

Pumpkin vine shoots

They’re great when sautéed with garlic, ginger,and chilies.


The leaves of this herb have a mildly tangy flavor that pairs well with fish.