Illustration by John Kenzie
Illustration: John Kenzie

Lock it up“Probably the most common worries are: Is it going to make my house smell and is it going to attract bugs? If it’s sealed, the answer is no. Most people use a big ice cream tub and store it in the freezer.”

Let it go“People can bring in a five-gallon bag of scraps to Green City Market, and it’s $3 to drop off.” Or try a pickup service like the Urban Canopy’s (from $15 a month).

Rethink what’s usable“If you’re peeling carrots, onions, celery, keep the scraps in a ziplock bag. Then, when you have a full bag, you can make veggie stock out of it.” You can also use the bones and gristle of a rotisserie chicken.

Find better disposablesInstead of single-use plastic utensils and dishware, use brands designed to break down in the compost with your food scraps. “The Onyx Company is a great local source.”