“I met Michael Pesola in late 2011. The Giants’ Jeff Samardzija was working with Mikey, and he told me he was unbelievable. That first session was euphoric. It was like, That was not a massage, that was a life-changing experience. We chatted about life, what is stressing me out, whether I meditated. The results were profound. Some of his best work on me was postcareer, when my arm receded back into its shoulder socket, like a turtle. He always says, ‘I’m on call, baby!’ He has come to me at 1 a.m. Mikey has worked on multiple major-league pitchers: Kevin Gausman of the Braves, Andrew Cashner of the Orioles — $100 million arms are second nature to him. He lifts you up spiritually, and he makes you feel good.” From $500 an hour, plus a $5,000 retainer. 630-248-3047