An inflatable pool
Photo: Ryan Segedi

Emily Vaca, who runs an events-focused design house, knows how to throw a good party. But when she had the stroke of genius to add an inflatable pool to her Logan Square rooftop for a soiree back in 2013, she couldn’t find one with a festive vibe. “There are either really cute pools for babies or the pool that an adult could fit in, which was just sad blue,” Vaca recalls. “That’s what I would say: It’s a landscape of sad blue pools.” Four years later, she launched Minnidip, the first line of inflatable pools for adults that are designed to actually look good. “It was like, Why is nobody doing this?” she says. Target picked it up within the first year. The varied blowups feature bright, bold patterns (think banana leaves or lemon wedges) designed by Vaca and fit three to four adults. As people prep for a summer where congregating en masse in potentially germy public pools sounds like an actual nightmare, Vaca’s inflatables — along with accessories from the line like round beach towels and confetti-filled beach balls — offer a way to create a lively atmosphere at home. “It was emotional to see how many people were sending us messages like ‘This has been our saving grace.’ ” We could all use a splash of joy. From $45.