For the one in six kids living with sensory processing disorder, finding clothes that are both comfortable and stylish is no small task. Fortunately, those kids — and the adults responsible for making sure they don’t run around naked in public — have River North mom Dina Lewis looking out for them. “Every morning used to start with a meltdown,” says Lewis, whose 9-year-old daughter refuses to wear socks, long sleeves, or pants that press too hard on her skin.

“So I said, ‘Let’s make something cool. Kick-ass kids’ clothes that are easy on the senses.’ ” Enter: Minor Details, a line of sensory-friendly, gender-neutral clothing that’s designed and tested by kids (check out the Scribble Tee, which looks like something Jackson Pollock could have sold for a million bucks). Each garment is tag-free and made with flat seams and ultrasoft fabric, which keeps itches to a minimum. For those who prefer loose-fitting clothes, the tie-dyed slouch pants offer plenty of leg room. Or if feeling snug is your kid’s thing, try out a comforting weighted cardigan with hidden interior pockets that Lewis points out are “perfect for a stash of raisins.”