Anka, Paul
late-night writing binge with, 76
grooms individual chest hairs, 185
mullet, 185, 225
“not ‘pretty’ enough to be a pop star and not ‘tough’-looking enough to be a rock star,” 87
Chasez, JC
picks up Marx kids from day camp, 162
Davis, Clive
blocks Grammy nomination for best new artist, 124
famous people
are stupid, 226
Fatone, Joey
delivers notes from tween fans to, 234
See Davis, Clive; Gatica, Humberto; Loggins, Kenny; Night Ranger; Paisley, Brad; Vixen
Fuentes, Daisy
sexy ’90s calendar, 282
sexy selfies, 286
slow hiker, 2

Gatica, Humberto (producer)
almost comes to blows with over mixing of “Should’ve Known Better,” 94
Gretzky, Wayne
spends weekend with and doesn’t recognize, 81
Jackman, Hugh
bad at jokes, 254
Loggins, Kenny
“can go fuck himself,” 216
literally cries and makes up with, 221
Newton-John, Olivia
pops popcorn and shows Marx Xanadu, 180
Night Ranger
turns out sound and lights during Marx’s set, 109
Paisley, Brad
“poster boy for pandering,” 261
Presley, Priscilla
performs for wearing T-shirt that says “Elvis Had a Stinky Butt,” 139
mistakes for child, 48
Beautiful Goodbye, 286
Cynthia Rhodes’s dance routine to “Manhunt,” 71
“Like the World Is Ending,” 284
See also Fuentes, Daisy; Streisand, Barbra

Streisand, Barbra
asks Marx to sing like Barry Gibb, 45
has her “own intoxicating scent,” 126
“Right Here Waiting” written for, 129
sexy, 126
very sexy, 126
fans wave sign that says “We Don’t Love You Anymore,” 154
guitarist held hostage, 150
Timberlake, Justin
Marx is “big footnote to his … success,” 233
Urban, Keith
attends Marx kids’ basketball games, 162
Vandross, Luther
cashmere wallpaper, 168
doesn’t wait for anyone, even Lionel Richie, 194
uses Marx poster as dartboard, 118
Winfrey, Oprah
falls through stage at World Cup, 198