Sears “Tower”

While it can no longer afford naming rights to North America’s second-tallest building, the struggling retailer can take over a storefront in Lake View. No Skydeck, but a stunning view of Lincoln Avenue.

O’Hare Security Etiquette Depot

If you avoided flying during the pandemic, it’s time to rediscover your wanderlust. But first, relearn how to frown while standing in line with your shoes off and a pillow wrapped around your neck. Every guest gets a six-hour delay.

IKEA Outposts

No furniture to assemble — just a counter that sells Swedish meatballs for city dwellers who don’t want to trek to Schaumburg.

Be Positive Center

Do you really want to test negative for Thanksgiving at Aunt Judy’s in Cicero? For $150, Be Positive will provide a result to get you out of every family gathering.