The New South Side, by Dennis Rodkin, Charles Whitaker, and Deborah Wilk
After decades in the shadow of the North Side, Chicago’s historic South Side is in the midst of a mind-boggling makeover. Our writers examine six of its dramatically changing neighborhoods and meet the people who are settling there-while also providing a list of the area’s best cultural, culinary, and consumer offerings.

The Return of Dr. Sex, by Rachel Shteir
Fifty years after Alfred Kinsey published his shocking survey of women’s sexual habits, the late Midwestern scientist is making his way back into public discourse. Our correspondent listens in on the juicy debate.

Pretty Woman, by Stacey Jones
Fashions for the warming trend are serendipitously feminine and slendidly vampy-choose ruffles and fringe for day and slinky satins for night.

Fashion: Breakaway Bride, by Stacey Jones
Cast off that casualwear-men are dressing up again, and when it comes to making a splash, the ties have it. Be bold, make a statement, attract attention in a rich red print or smashing fuchsia.




Gen-Art’s Julie Darling; art duo Steven Badgett and Matt Lynch go the Whitney Biennial; Latin School’s tallest basketball; an old-fashioned shave; David Copperfield touches down; heavenly hats; more

Style Sheet, by Stacy Wallace-Albert
This spring, shades of pink will lift spirits in a brand-new bag by a local designer, in perky Polo driving gloves, and in flirty Clinique lipsticks that are very berry.

Real Lives | Real Reality TV, by Marcia Froelke Coburn
In search of a larger audience, Kartemquin Films is taking its cinema verite style to the small screen with an intimate documentary series about immigrant life.

How We Spend | That Tipplin’ Town, by Clare La Plante
Chicagoans are fond of a drink now and then, which explains why local households spend well above the national average on alcohol.

Business | The Fee Creeps, by Robert Reed
Like unwanted weeds, special fees for goods and services keep creeping into our bills. Blame revenue-starved governments and profit-hungry businesses-and don’t expect the annoying little charges to go away.

Show Biz | Triumph of the Wit, by Jonathan Black
Fifty years ago, the legendary director Mike Nichols was a young man on the make in Chicago, bringing star power and a first-rate mind to the stage and radio. His pals and colleagues tell all about it.

Deal Estate, by Dennis Rodkin
A Frank Lloyd Wright house is sold, while a Winnetka colonial may be saved-plus condo news from Northbrook, Bucktown, and Lincoln Park.

Nightspotting, by Sarah Preston
The Playboy Club Tour-50 parties in 50 cities-arrives to celebrate half a century of Playboy in the city where it all began. Plus, Billy Dec and partners prepare to lunch at Rockit Bar & Grill.

The Closer, by Jeff Ruby
From the Ferris wheel to the zipper, the city has fostered some notable firsts. An expert assesses the lasting value of some local inventions.

On the Town


Prime Time
During March: The Chicago Cultural Center presents the International Vintage Poster Fair, and array of 10,000 items that include Communist Chinese propaganda posters.

Food & Drink

Dining Out | Sibling Revelry, by Dennis Ray Wheaton
The Lachowicz brothers take a crack at Le Francais, and while they’re at it they morph their old restaurant, too.

On Wine, by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Unveiling a new wine shop and market in revitalized downtown Arlington Heights.

The city’s definitive guide| This month: New listing, Spoon Thai; re-reviews of Fortunato, Yoshi’s Cafe; more

Short Takes
Budget Beat| The Grafton is a real Irish pub-i.e., no green beer. The burger’s not bad either.
Brand New| Join the Flight Club at Glenview’s trendiest spot.
Street Beat| A journey through Chicago’s wonderful world of cheese.
Tapas| Sangria Cafe’s dishes take tapas seriously.
Finally| A celebrated chef lights the long-awaited Fuse in a Loop hotel.