The clock is ticking.

You’re an architect or artist, and you’ve got exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Twenty slides you’ve selected will appear on a screen for 20 seconds each. Your challenge: to explain your ideas to a roomful of beer drinkers. If you’re good, you’ll get laughs, too.

Those are the rules for Pecha Kucha (puh-CHA kuh-CHA), an event that injects a rock ‘n’ roll attitude into the art lecture. The concept originated in Tokyo, and it’s catching on: Martyrs’ (3855 N. Lincoln Ave.) hosts Chicago’s fourth Pecha Kucha on March 4th. “It provides a fast opportunity to unload a ton of ideas,” says Andy Hall, a March 4th cohost, who designs environmentally friendly objects and who translates pecha kucha, via a Japanese friend, as “talk fast and loudly.” While presenters have included visual artists, a builder, and even musician Jon Langford, one of the most important aspects is socializing. If you like someone’s slide show, Hall says, “buy them a beer and say, ‘Hey, that was cool.'”

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