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Who Makes What
Even in bad times, you can count on our salary survey for an opportunity to peek at the paychecks of hundreds of Chicagoans—you might even spot your neighbor’s.

PLUS: Life on the other side
Five laid-off Chicagoans talk about coping with the new economic reality.

Can Cameras Replace Cops?
by Noah Isackson
As murders and other violent crimes are on the rise across Chicago, a debate intensifies about the new police superintendent Jody Weis’s crime-fighting strategy, which seems to stress technology over people. 

Royko in Love
edited by David Royko
Long before finding fame as a newspaper columnist, Mike Royko harnessed his pen to woo a beautiful gal from his neighborhood. His letters to her reveal a tender side that rarely crept into his columns—and flashes of the wit that won him legions of fans.

Wedded Bliss
by Stacey Jones, Brittney Blair, and Beth Wilson
Silk and organza roses bloom on spring’s gorgeous gowns. Plus: One bride’s do-it-yourself success, and a guide to calm, cool, and collected special-event planners 


PAGE TWO The state of the state; poor potty-mouth Patti ARTS & CULTURE Why Anna Davlantes is the talk of the town; hide them under a bushel? No! Illinois Republicans still want to shine; a playwright who channels Chekhov; Azita: the next Joni Mitchell?; just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, The Insider gets all Irish on us—go figure. Plus: Three fantasy matchups that make us mad for March hoops, and the word “rapture,” defined. SERVICE DESK What’s better than a wine store within walking distance of a favorite BYOB? A great recommendation under $12 STYLE Our ace style team drove 446 miles to deliver this comprehensive guide to the best vintage stores in Chicagoland. Plus: Where to fix the stuff you find, and the new Barneys.

Designer bacon charms foodies; the hottest spots right now; two old pros raise the status quo; Orland Park scores an osteria.

by Sarah Preston
Surprise: Yet another “upscale sports bar” opens in River North. A bigger surprise? We like it. 

Deal Estate
by Dennis Rodkin
A new address for a Gold Coast mansion, and an English manor on the North Shore Plus: Condo news   

The Closer
by Jeff Ruby
What happens at a bris? Well, um, er, there’s this man who makes cheesy jokes, and usually there’s lox . . .

Chicago Guide®
Scandal! Intrigue! Stamp collecting! Plus, mug shots galore and sexy nights out in our retooled handbook to the city’s best events

The new chef at Old Town Brasserie gets it right; Nine has hipster staying power; Crofton on Wells climbs to three stars.

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