LONGMAN & EAGLE Just when gastropubs reach a tipping point, along comes one with sleeping quarters upstairs. Talk about an overnight success. 2657 N. Kedzie Ave.; 773-276-7110

BIG STAR Memories of the Pontiac Cafe fade a little more with each taco. 1531 N. Damen Ave.; 773-235-4039

XOCO Now that he serves the best tortas and churros in town, are there any worlds left for Rick Bayless to conquer? 449 N. Clark St.; 312-334-3688

THE PURPLE PIG This little piggy laughed, “Hee, hee, hee!” all the way home. 500 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-464-1744

DMK BURGER BAR You’ve got about as much chance of scoring a seat at this burger joint as you do of winning the lottery. In fact . . .  2954 N. Sheffield Ave.; 773-360-8686

MACKU SUSHI Macku Chan could put jellybeans on top of sushi and Lincoln Parkers would still be breaking down the doors. 2239 N. Clybourn Ave.; 773-880-8012

CERES’ TABLE Does Uptown need a mayor? Giuseppe Scurato has already brought the neighborhood to its knees. 4882 N. Clark St.; 773-878-4882

NELLA PIZZERIA NAPOLETANA For pizza geeks, the mirror over Nella’s prep area is more exciting than a mirror over a bed. 2423 N. Clark St.; 773-327-3400

BISTRO BORDEAUX Somewhere in that massive pile of frites lies the DNA for a good bistro. 618 Church St., Evanston; 847-424-1483

BALSAN You know it’s an upscale hotel when its “casual” restaurant has a $36 rib eye on the menu. Elysian Hotel, 11 E. Walton St.; 312-646-1400