AGE: 56
OCCUPATION: philanthropist
HOMETOWN: Mumbai, India
LIVES IN: Gold Coast

The mother of two 20-something daughters, Anita Sinha is a Renaissance woman who holds a Ph.D. in sociology, patronizes the Art Institute of Chicago, studies Italian, and, for fun, participates in two book groups. For many years, she has worked on behalf of the Chicago Foundation for Women, which provides grants to small organizations around the city to improve the lives of women and girls. Sinha and her husband, Prabha, avid travelers, have been to Italy at least a dozen times—“I’m in love with the country,” she says—but their native India is the focus of an exhibit they’re helping bring to the Art Institute in 2013. “It has to do with the splendors of Jaipur: historical objects, jewelry, art, and furniture from the era of the princely state,” Sinha explains. The Sinhas are one of three major sponsors of an exhibit currently on display at the museum, Public Notice 3 by the Indian artist Jitish Kallat; the work, installed on the grand staircase through May 1st, is a commentary on religious tolerance.



Photograph: Maria Ponce