AGE: 38
OCCUPATION: broadcast anchor
HOMETOWN: Rogers Park
LIVES IN: Old Town

When Anna Davlantes reported the news for the evening broadcast, she says that her friends and family got used to never seeing her for dinner or drinks at the end of the normal workday. But since last August, Davlantes has had to adjust to an entirely new schedule: As the co-anchor of Fox’s Good Day Chicago, she gets to work at 4 a.m. and calls it a day by noon. “My three-year-old niece and I have a lot in common these days,” she says. “Although she goes to bed later than I do.” A graduate of the Disney magnet school, Lane Tech, and Northwestern University, Davlantes, also an avid scuba diver and foodie, is such a die-hard Chicagoan that she paid her own way to attend the city’s Olympics presentation in Copenhagen. “I just wanted to be there,” she says.




Photograph: Maria Ponce