AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: graphic designer
HOMETOWN: Springfield, Missouri
LIVES IN: Pilsen

The graphic designer Jordan Williams, with two friends from journalism school at the University of Missouri, decided to become her own boss this year; in January, the trio founded a company called Nitewerk, which for now focuses on layout and design for print magazines. “This way we can pick the projects we want to work on, and there’s no cutting corners,” Williams says. “We take the time to work out our ideas instead of being forced to get something done.” The partners work out of Williams’s apartment, an arrangement that might feel isolating to her if it weren’t for her part-time job as an expediter at nearby Nightwood restaurant. “It’s a really positive environment, and it gets me out and around people,” she says. Williams, who shyly admits that she’s dating someone special, predicts that 2011 will be packed with action: “So far that’s been true in a lot of ways.”



Photograph: Maria Ponce